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iMediaPOLL integrates the smartest features of a dynamic online poll, and allows you set the look of your poll. Now, you can create the poll you have always wanted. And what about having it for free?

Start registration for your absolutely free iMediaPOLL account. We have decided to offer iMediaPOLL for free for anyone who wants to benefit from a clean, appealing and easy to use tool like this. Your free poll will never expire (as is the case with other sites). It will be available for as long as you wish. No tricks here.

What we get in return? We place a small banner at the bottom of your poll, featuring iMediaLearn products. Kindly note that we will NEVER, ever sell this space to anyone else. If however you would like to get rid of it, you can always upgrade your account. See for yourself how easily the poll skin (color, width, shadow) can be edited. And since this is a web tool, it works on all computers - Windows, Mac, Linux - you name it!

Key Advantages

At the lowest price on the marketNO price, you can benefit of:

- Easy and fast poll editing at anytime through our web interface.

- Instant feedback on a new feature, on your web site changes, etc.

- Quick capture of market research data on your products/ services.


- Customizable poll color.

- Customizable poll width.

- Unlimited number of concurrent polls.

- Unlimited number of daily views/ poll.

- Question and answers change at anytime.

- Language setting.

- Multiple choice answering.

- Multiple votes of the same respondent.

- Vote frequency setting.

- Reset votes.

- Hide/Unhide results from respondents.

- Did we mention this is FREE?

iMediaPOLL terms:

poll = a simple question, its response options, and the vote results

vote = the response option(s) given to a question by the respondent

poll place = a virtual place on the iMediaLearn server where you can publish a poll in order to post it online

publish = to attach a poll to a poll place

You can create, customize an unlimited number of polls and then publish only one at the time in the poll place.

Once a poll is published it becomes active, and you can integrate it on your website or into an email.

You can preview the poll before publishing.

After publishing your poll, you can distribute it by including the generated HTML code on your website or into an email.

iMediaPOLL allows you to view the statistics of your published poll(s):

the creation date

the last access date

number of views


the response results by number and percentage.

Register now for a free iMediaPOLL account.