Aiming for Total Customer Satisfaction

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The message below was received by a member of our support team, after successfully helping a potential customer through pre-sales questions. We feel this deserves sharing, as an example of our total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Dear Lisa Sherwood,

I am so excited to have heard from you. Today, here in Texas on the Gulf coast, we are having a nasty and cold rain. Seems sort of a blue Monday. But this day is turning out to be a beautiful and bright day for me -- and in no short measure thanks to your continued efforts! I can hardly wait to work with my new iMediaCONVERT API -- but before I do -- I want to take time to thank you! Your performance through these many frustrations with the email barriers has not kept you from being a person of superior character. You did not take your attention from delighting your customer -- even when it seemed impossible to communicate -- or worse that the communications barriers may somehow be laid at your companies feet.

A lady of resource, you have found ways to overcome all barriers and make your customer happy. With all you must do and the many you must serve -- I feel very special as you have gone the "extra mile" to ensure my satisfaction satisfied. You made me feel as though I was your "only concern" -- your number one priority. What a wonderful feeling as a customer to be treated with such high esteem and respect -- no matter what part of our world you happen to live -- this is a welcomed and rare feeling.

Just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I am already very impressed with your product line -- and now to find your company has not only quality products -- but superior service -- wow! Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and making me feel so important to your company.

We truly are a global community -- when you can gather data and shop all over the world from your home or office -- it amazes the mind. .After one more round of data review -- comparing similar products available on the world market -- I elected iMediaCONVERT API because of the superior functionality, immediate availability (no waiting for CD-ROM to arrive) and the largest determining factor for me in electing this product was the trust I placed in you as the representative of iMedia[Learn]. You earned my confidence and caused me to feel assured this choice was the best.

In my book, "Six Sigma Deployment", I address the issues of breakthrough improvements toward attaining world class performance via a set of tools and techniques that focuses on the Customer's critical criteria. It is all designed to make company's more successful, gain delighted customers and increase their profits. My research indicates that 68% of the customer's leave or never choose to do business with a company based simply on the attitude of the employee's. I call this the silent killer.

You have much to be proud of as a professional! I hope in some small way this message will convey to you how very happy I am with your superior performance! I would like very much for your management to know how I feel. Any suggestions as to how I go about that in the proper "politically" correct manner?

They should celebrate and reward such high standards in all there employee's. I can well bet, based on my experiences, that this is not an unusual performance for you. In fact, it is more likely the "norm" for you. What a wonderful way to live your life and enjoy your job -- making people in the far reaches of the world feel like they are important family members!

I will find out through my ISP how to ensure your email's get through. I want very much to continue a dialog with your company regarding the product purchased and let them know of its success as I experience it. My products and services are global in nature as well.

With my new iMediaCONVERT I will gain the ability to take my multimedia training to the next level. This product will allow me to compete on par with much larger and well resourced company's. I foresee increased competitive advantage, delighted customer's, increased market share, and increased profitability due to the delivery vehicle of the iMediaCONVERT.

I will tell the story of this wonderful experience with you and iMedia[Learn] in my seminar's and training. To you Lisa Sherwood I say, "Thank you for your superior performance and for making me feel like family." Keep up this wonderful service to others!

Best Regards,

Dr. Charles Wilson

More on the Customer Support front..

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We have downloaded and tested iMediaConvert 3.2 as advised which resolved the sound problem that we reported to you only a few days ago. The other product changes that you quickly made in response to my suggestions are also greatly appreciated. I am also very impressed with your support service. On two occasions now you have helped us resolve problems very quickly and efficiently. In my experience it is rare to find such good support service. Your efforts do your organization great credit.

After further testing, I'm pleased to report that we have decided to make a commitment to using your product for our online lecture presentations in our Emotional Intelligence training programs. You are most welcome to use this email as a reference.

"Your software saved the day and hours of tedious frustrating work"

The e-mail below is yet another example of our team's effort in providing the best services possible, period. Total customer satisfaction is our most important core value:"

I normally don’t write testimonials to software companies even when their software works well, but I just could not keep quiet about your iMediaCONVERT software package.

After a frustrating week of trying different software packages including Microsoft’s own PowerPoint Producer I came up on your gem of a software tool to convert my PowerPoint presentation with minimal fuss and as much accuracy as possible to flash. I must say iMediaCONVERT does the job with speed and grace.

Here is a sample of what iMediaCONVERT produced from our PowerPoint presentation:

Thank you, and keep up the great work.

Kind Regards,

Joel Katona

Trendmetrix Software