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iMediaPRESENT™ [formerly MEDIATRON] is the right tool for building multimedia presentations fast. No software skills are required. You can assemble your existing images, videos, sounds, texts and animations in order to create an outstanding presentation either as visual support for your training programs or your commercial communication and technological marketing. All these are achieved without the cost in time and money involved by outsourcing.

Building multimedia screens from images, texts, video, flash animations and sound.Through a very common functional interface you may:

- Import a text file in one of the text areas defined in the template and you may modify this text directly on-screen.

- Import or paste an image (JPG, GIF, Adobe, Corel, etc.) inside any image area, a video file (AVI, MPG, PICT, AIFF, etc.) or a Flash animation.

- Import or replace the sound associated with the current screen

- Create links to your local documents (Excel, Power Point, Word files, etc.) to be accessible from the current screen

Management of multimedia screens by means of Project Databases - The screens you build are organized into a project multimedia database, which retain all the media you have imported and also allows you to manipulate these screens hierarchically and create presentations. For structuring ease, these screens can be grouped into Chapters and Modules.

Creation of interactive multimedia presentation - The project list contains all the screens that you have built over time. This list may grow quite large, up to 1,500 screens. When you need to build a multimedia presentation, just add the desired screens from the project list into the presentation list. The presentation contains only a small number of screens, selected for a specific target. The presentation can be copied onto a mobile transport media, like a CD-ROM or a Memory Stick, whereas the project may be too large to fit on anything but a hard disk.

Password security access for users - The application requires password login in order to access any project and to edit any presentation.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows® 9x, NT, 2000, XPPC with Pentium® processor 200 MHz or compatible, 64 MB RAMCD-ROM drive