Who, What, Why?

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Refresh: Who Is iMediaLearn?

iMediaLearn is the iMediasoft engineering department in charge with the development of knowledge transfer tools and e-Learning solutions. iMediaLearn aims to offer tools and platforms for network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge in a community of learners, content developers and experts. The iMediaLearn components offer the support to create and manage interactive online environments where content and learning experience are delivered in multiple formats (case studies, demonstrations, simulations, streamed videos, online references, personalized coaching and mentoring, discussion groups, project teams, e-rooms, bulletin boards).

What Are We Here For?

Of course, money, you'll say. Well, not exactly. It's true we do have to eventually pay our bills, but that's not our main goal. iMediaLearn has been created in order to support the e-content development technology and to bring last minute e-Learning solutions at reasonable prices. iMediaLearn is part of the iMediasoft effort of "democratizing" online access to knowledge. As with other fields, the e-learning market is currently dominated by tradesmen without know-how, which make high gains through price speculation. iMediaCONVERT was the first iMediaLearn product aimed at combatting such attitudes.

With over 8 years of experience in IT and advanced communication for education, science and industry, and with a recognized academic background (developers of Nanopolis, the most powerful online system for nanotechnology knowledge management) iMediasoft focuses on ensuring popular availability to highly professional tools.

Our company...

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iMediaLearn, the brand new department of the iMediasoft Group, has been created in order to support the e-content development technology and to bring last minute e-learning solutions at reasonable prices.

Our over 8 years of experience in IT and e-Learning has generated, among many things, the most powerful online system for nanotechnology knowledge management and has made iMediasoft the leader in Interactive Knowledge e-Transfer. Thus, iMediasoft will support iMediaLearn to "democratize" the online access to knowledge.

The price speculation of the tradesmen without know-how, who often provide OEM technology in the field of e-learning, will be wiped out this year by the iMediaLearn initiative.

Do you think it is ok that an application which needs a few days to be developed, like iMediaPOLL, should be offered by our competitors at a price 2 or 5 times higher, in a simpler version? (see a comparison).

If you want 2005 to be a prosperous year for your business, as many years have been for those who have made you pay abusive prices, then we invite you to watch iMediaLearn closely and support it with ideas and critiques. Your comments will be integrated as soon as possible by our team. iMediaLearn will make the e-learning solutions available for anyone, and for only a few dollars.

A Word from the President - Next Year, Next Step!

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We are proud to see that in only one year iMediaLearn has supplied the e-learning ecosystem with:

• the iMediaConvert standard, API and server : the most powerful and affordable PowerPoint to Flash converters;

• the iMediaQuiz, the Quiz online leader solution for Universities and Academia environments making the reference of thousands of high Educational competitions in cutting edge fields as Nanotechnology

• the iMediaPOLL, the worldwide recognized leader in Flash voting which became free due to its high popularity in the frame of the iMediaLearn vision: to democratize access to e-learning and e-knowledge providing high quality solutions and fighting price abuses.

Next Step: Convert your PowerPoint files online with Netron Server

Did you think the holidays were over and there were no more goodies left for the new year? Well, here we are. iMediaLearn is announcing the public preview release of the online version of its flagship product, iMediaCONVERT. If you've got a PPT file that you need to get online fast and easy, then bring it to our server, preview the conversion, perform tunings of your like and finally download the Flash conversion output nicely packaged for web deploying.

This works exactly as the offline counterpart iMediaCONVERT, just that you need no PowerPoint installed - actually here's the best part - you need nothing installed on your computer apart from a web browser. No Microsoft software licenses required. No platform requirements either. How does that sound for total freedom?

So, please take some time to try this out yourself - go to iMediaLearn, open a free account and test drive this hot new product. Share with us your comments, suggestions or complaints and you could be the winner of a whole bunch of conversion credit to use with the final version of the product, expected in a few weeks. As we have promised one year ago, iMediaLearn will make the e-learning solutions available for anyone, and for only a few dollars.