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Why should I use iMediaCONVERT?

iMediaCONVERT converts Microsoft PowerPoint files (.ppt) into Macromedia Flash (.swf), the de-facto format for rich, online animations. PowerPoint is now a universal tool for information. Flash is a cross-platform, secure format that is easily distributed over the web. iMediaCONVERT bridges the two, providing a simple conversion wizard hosted on a local machine.

Many of the PowerPoint presentations you create contain information that is valuable to customers, prospects, partners and employees, but publishing these presentations on the Internet can be difficult. iMediaCONVERT is the ideal tool to meet these demands, since the process is very straightforward and does not require special computer skills.

What platforms does the output work on?

The output from iMediaCONVERT is Macromedia Flash SWF. This means that the output will work on any platform for which the Flash player is available – certainly PC, Mac and Linux.

I have a computer home and one at the office. Can iMediaCONVERT be loaded onto both systems?

iMediaCONVERT can be installed on both machines but can only be registered on one computer at a time. To use iMediaCONVERT on another computer, you must first unregister iMediaCONVERT and then register it on the new machine (internet connection required).

iMediaCONVERT does not work: unable to find an XML file

This message appears when iMediaCONVERT is unable to control Microsoft PowerPoint, for retrieving the structure of the PowerPoint presentation. This usually happens if you are performing the conversion with more than one file opened in PowerPoint. Please make sure that you:

- do not have PowerPoint running when you start iMediaCONVERT and perform the conversion or

- if you perform the conversion from within PowerPoint (by clicking the iMediaCONVERT button on the top bar), you only have one document opened, and that is the document you want to convert.

If this does not help, it means there could be something wrong in your PowerPoint setup. Please try the following:

- Go to Microsoft Office Updated and have your Office/PowerPoint installation checked; try installing the patches available there for your Office version

- Send us the "log" file created by the converter in the folder with the same name as the presentation. This file contains information that is valuable for our support team in trying to assist you.

Why does iMediaCONVERT take a long time to convert some presentations?

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are very complicated documents – they contain the information about which objects (graphics, text, slides, etc) exist, and how to move, scale and perform animations on them. A large amount of information must be gathered and processed, this can take a long time (for example, a simple 25 slide presentation requires over 3.5 million pieces of information to be processed).

Please note that we are working on an improved version of iMediaCONVERT, featuring a very high performance increase with respect to text processing. We will post an announcement once this will become available.

How does iMediaCONVERT convert graphic features?

Snapshots of graphic images are saved as JPEG images with high compression to minimize file size.

Using iMediaCONVERT one can record and synchronize narration, but can existing audio also be imported?

Yes. iMediaCONVERT can import .WAV or .MP3 audio files.

Some audio clips are played at faster speed once converted to Flash

There is an issue with Flash Player (from Macromedia) which does not play correctly external MP3 files with bitrate indivisible by 11 (i.e. the bitrate is something else than 11, 22, 44 etc.). We will try to integrate the bitrate transformation process in a future version of iMediaCONVERT.

Can I use existing Flash Movies?

Yes, you can easily import Flash Movies with the Insert Flash Movie Wizard.

How can I incorporate video?

You have two choices for incorporating video. If you have Flash video, you can use the Insert Flash Movie Wizard. If you have video that already exists on a Website, such as Windows Media, Real Media or QuickTime, you can use the Insert Web Object functionality.

What animations are supported in iMediaCONVERT?

We currently support text animations (text from left, text from right). Support for other animations is a priority and will be added as soon as possible.

When I publish and distribute my converted presentation to the web or CD-ROM, what will my viewers need to view it?

The Flash format is a universal format and is present on about 98% of web browsers. If a web viewer does not have Flash, the system will automatically install it for free in less than a minute. When you distribute your converted presentation via CD-ROM the flash player is included and the presentation runs automatically.

When should I create an executable presentation?

If you intend to produce online content (that you will be publishing on a web site) then you don't need to create an executable presentation. You only need to do this if you want your presentation to run stand-alone (i.e. from a CD-ROM), requiring no web browser to play.

What is the average file size reduction I can expect with the iMediaCONVERT?

The actual file size reduction will vary based on the presentation content. In some cases, we’ve seen compressions up to 90% of the original file size.

Is there a limit to the size of the presentation that iMediaCONVERT can convert?

No, there is no size limit of the presentation that iMediaCONVERT can convert.

I am using my product key to register the software, but when I start it again it still shows and behaves as an unregistered version!

You are running an antivirus or ad protection software (e.g. Ad-Watch from Lavasoft) that is blocking registry changes. In order to fully turn into a registered product, our software needs to write a few items to your computer registry. Please make sure your protection software permits this.

If the conversion output does not fully match the PowerPoint presentation, what should I do?

We are committed to offer the best quality possible. If you encounter conversion discrepancies, please inform us and we will do our best to fix our product. Please note that it helps a lot if you send us a sample presentation. If size allows, please e-mail it to us, otherwise use our file submission tool to upload the file directly to our servers. Do not worry about content copyright, the file will never leave our premises.

Can I add my own logo to the presentation?

Sure. All you need is your logo in .JPG, .GIF or .SWF format. iMediaCONVERT will convert it automatically.

Can I change the look and feel of the player?

You can define your own interface, customizing it according to your own preferences.

Is iMediaCONVERT your product or are you resellers of the product?

Yes, iMediaCONVERT is our product and has been entirely developed by the iMediaLearn team, which is part of iMediasoft®. We are not OEM'ing from, or to, anybody.

What is your return policy?

Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to download, install, and test-drive the evaluation versions that we provide. Under NO circumstances we will issue a refund on software where the product key has already been sent to the customer. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows our customers to make an informed purchasing decision. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated. Once a license has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible for us to recall all copies. Therefore, iMediaLearn does not accept product returns or exchanges. You are expected to be satisfied with the product before purchasing. There is NO EXCEPTION from this policy, no matter whether you find that the software is incompatible with your specific software configuration and/or hardware configuration, after you have received your unlocking code. You must testdrive our software before you decide to buy it! This is in your very own interest to avoid incompatibilitiy issues with your computer system. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows our customers to make an informed purchasing decision.