iMediaCONVERT Professional

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Convert PowerPoint to Flash with iMediaCONVERT Professional , at one of the top performance/price ratios on the market today.

iMediaCONVERT Professional is the bigger (yet, younger) brother of our iMediaCONVERT Standard. It offers a range of new features aimed to business users, as well as a more flexible conversion engine that software developers can use in their applications.

For Small Business and Education

Author Card: provide information about the presentation's author or publisher (picture/logo, name, e-mail, web site, bio. Multilanguage: support for languages other than English, for both the application (the converter) and the presentation (the conversion output)

For The Software Developers

Building on top of our discontinued API version, iMediaCONVERT Professional features API capabilities can be used as part of another solution, to provide PowerPoint-to-Flash conversion.

Best File Size

iMediaCONVERT Professional reduces the size of your PowerPoint files up to 90% when converting into the Flash format which is up to 3 times better than other leading converters. Smaller files download faster and can be viewed better over the Internet.

Low Cost

At a very low price starting from 34 USD (high volumes) to 90 USD (one license)*, for an unlimited number of conversions, iMediaCONVERT Professional is the most affordable small business & education PowerPoint-to-Flash converter on the market today (see price list).

Extremely Easy to Use

Using iMediaCONVERT Professional, it takes only one click to convert your PowerPoint document to Flash presentations.

Free Updates

Lifetime free updates to the latest versions - this is our commitment that your converter will never be obsolete.

Content Security

Place your presentations on the internet for quick content delivery. Content control is carefully maintained: presentations cannot be copied or edited, protecting your material against copyright infringement.

Once converted to Flash, the presentation is easily viewed using any Internet browser. As more than 98% of all browsers have the Flash plug-in already installed, no special software is required.

Content Structure Translation

Converted files maintain their original structure and the hierarchical features of your PowerPoint presentations.

Local Player

Converted files are provided with a multimedia presentation interface including: fullscreen viewing, audio, auto-play, navigation bar and notes. The interface can be customized to suit your presentation. You can even choose from a set of different languages!

Streaming Media

Flash files use streaming technology, which enables viewers to start viewing presentations, almost instantly, without waiting for the entire presentation to load and play.

Efficient Training

Use iMediaCONVERT Professional for quick content delivery: reduce your training programs expenses.

Sales Channel Optimization

Transform your offline PowerPoint presentations to online content to better deliver a consistent sales message. A better understanding of your products' capabilities ensures higher customer satisfaction.

Notes and Author Card

Provide your audience with additional information about your presentation (using the notes feature available in the navigation bar) or about yourself (using the author card feature, new in iMediaCONVERT Professional).

PowerPoint Toolbar Integration

iMediaCONVERT Professional can be launched directly from PowerPoint, in addition to running as a completely standalone application.

iMediaCONVERT Server

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iMediaCONVERT Server is the online version of the iMediaCONVERT Standard edition, the most powerful and the most affordable PowerPoint to Flash converter on the market today.

Once you install the application on your server, your clients can upload their PowerPoint files, and after the conversion is completed, the created presentations are sent back them.

This application offers your clients an online service which will convert automatically the PowerPoint files to flash presentations without any additional installations on the clients' machines.

Try the concept of the iMediaCONVERT Server

You've got a PPT file that you need to get online fast and easy? Bring it then to our NETRON server, preview the conversion, perform tunings of your like and finally download the Flash conversion output, nicely packaged for web deploying.

This works exactly as the offline counterpart iMediaCONVERT, just that you need no PowerPoint installed. Actually here's the best part - you need nothing installed on your computer apart from a web browser. No Microsoft software licenses required. No platform requirements either. How does that sound for total freedom?

So, please take some time to try this out yourself: open a free account, and test drive this hot new service. Share with us your comments, suggestions or complaints and you could be the winner of a whole bunch of conversion credit to use with the final version of the Netron product.

iMediaCONVERT Server Specifications

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In order to use iMediaCONVERT Server, you have to install it on a Windows platform.

In addition, you need to create a secondary web application which will interact with iMediaCONVERT Server. The web application serves as an interface between iMediaCONVERT Server and your users. The interaction process between iMediaCONVERT Server and the web application is described below:

1. Execute the "ServerConfig.exe" file from the iMediaCONVERT Server folder, and fill in the http address of the web application (e.g. ASP, ASPX, PHP file).

2. When iMediaCONVERT Server is launched, it calls the web application which will return the pathname of a PowerPoint file and if necessary some additional information (after conversion, iMediaCONVERT Server sends back this information to the web application) or a null string if there are not any PowerPoint files to be converted.

3. iMediaCONVERT Server converts the PowerPoint file and creates a ZIP file containing the flash presentation.

4. Then iMediaCONVERT Server calls again the web application sending the name of the ZIP file and also, the additional information received with the PowerPoint pathname.

5. The web application processes the ZIP file (e.g. sending it by email to the PowerPoint file owner).

6. Idem step 2.